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Used Convertible Top & Bow for California Sidecar Friendship I

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Used California Sidecar Friendship I Convertible Top with top bow and mounting hinges. Top is dirty on the inside roof and has wear marks. Is in fair condition. There are no side curtains and the top just has one zipper on the right side and the left side zipper has been removed. It is off a FS I sidecar with torsion arm suspension but I don't know what year model (pre 1989 at least). Check the measurements. The front of convertible top is 18" wide. The rear is 42" from out side snap to out side snap. You can try it on to see if it fits if you can stop. The top bow has a foam cover to keep it from scratching up the paint on the sidecar body. Some of the black foam has rubbed off on the metal (see picture). It is 7/8" O.D. X 16-1/2" tall sitting on the hinges and 22-1/4" where the screws attach the hinges to the top bow.

YES I have this in stock but you will need to stop by to make sure it will fit your sidecar. Local pick up only.