SOA Eagle Sidecar History

The Spirit Of America, Eagle Sidecar & American Spirit Sidecar have not been manufactured since 1975. The Eagle Sidecar has been copied by quite a few other companies over the years and there are quite a few of them around. It is, however, a light sidecar with a soft suspension and small mounts and in stock form is not suitable for heavier motorcycles. They were great little sidecar for the mid sized motorcycles of the day. In the early 1970's they cost $300 for a new Spirit Eagle in the box with a chrome frame.

First lets make sure you have a Spirit of America Sidecar, because many people have confused other sidecars with a Spirit Eagle sidecar such as a American Easy Rider sidecar and California sidecar Companion model.

SOA made their Eagle sidecars with a molded fender that was part of the sidecar body.There will be a MFG sticker on it from Spirit of America in California.


Lift the sidecar seat forward, pull up the carpet in the trunk (boot) and look for a manufactures label by the mounting bolts, it will be under the top layer of fiberglass and be a little difficult to read. It will have a four digit serial number.

SOA Eagle Sidecar serial number label

American Easy Rider and Spirit of America - Spirit Eagle sidecars and California Companion sidecar are the same or cloned from the same body molds. The Spirit Of America Company was purchased by The California Sidecar Company in 1974 and the shape of the body is all they have in common. The CSC Companion was a heavier sidecar than the SOA Eagle sidecar with a much more rugged frame and with fully adjustable mounting brackets that worked good with heavier motorcycles. The main difference was the Spirit Of America Company made their frames of lighter gauge material and their suspension was a swingarm with coil over shock and were made for a light weight motorcycle, 400cc to 750cc. Their Eagle bodies (later to be renamed the Companion sidecar by CSC) where made of fiberglass and their American Spirit bodies (later to be renamed Friendship 1 and made from fiberglass after California Sidecar bought them out) were made from plastic. The closest looking sidecar being manufactured today would be Texas Sidecar's Standard Model.

Mounts: Eagle Sidecar

Spirit of America mounting hardware left a lot to be desired but it did work if you were careful. If you just purchased a used SOA sidecar and it still has the original motorcycle frame clamps throw them away. And the clamp-on main struts tend to rotate round the sidecar frame under load and the clamp may need to be tack welded in place if it moves. The Eagle is a nice sidecar but be ready for a little work fixing up the attachments to be safe and secure. It is recommended not to mount one of these sidecars on a motorcycle that weigh’s more than 400 pounds.

Sales brochures of The Spirit Of America sidecar company from 1974.

Sales brochures of The Spirit Of America sidecar company from 1974.Sales brochures of The Spirit Of America sidecar company from 1974.

SOA American Spirit Sidecar model below.

Sales brochures of The Spirit Of America sidecar company from 1974.This is a picture of the American Spirit Sidecar just after California Sidecar purchased the company.

This is a picture of the American Spirit Sidecar just after California Sidecar purchased the company.

Eagle Sidecar

An older Spirit of America, Eagle Sidecar sales brochure from 1973. Before they were purchased by California Sidecar.

Eagle sidecar sales brochureEagle sidecar sales brochure

Two versions of the Spirit of America Sidecar wholesale dealer order form and option price list. An older version and a later version.

SOA Eagle sidecar sales brochure

A big Thank You to Asa for all the sales brochures!!!


Below is a great shape SOA Eagle Sidecar in the United Kingdom. It has a newer style decal on the side. The chrome still looks great after more than 40 years!!! A big thank you to Barry L. for the pictures of his SOA Eagel Sidecar.

SOA Eagle sidecar with tonneau cover

SOA Eagle sidecar with chrome mounts and frame


Here are some pictures of The Spirit Of America model line, The Eagle Sidecar and American Spirit Sidecar made in California from about 1973 to 1975. SOA either purchased American Easy Rider Sidecar company or they made a perfect copy of their sidecar.

The SOA company was purchased in 1974 by California Sidecar and the Eagle Sidecar was changed some what and renamed the Companion Sidecar. The America Spirit Sidecar was renamed The Friendship Sidecar

SOA Eagle sidecar

SOA Eagle sidecar

SOA Eagle sidecar lucas taillight

SOA Eagle Sidecar with 16'' wheel and OEM Lucas tail light. 

SOA Eagle sidecar with OEM luggage rack

Eagle Sidecar OEM luggage rack. The tail light is aftermarket.

SOA Eagle sidecar with light option yellow

SOA Eagle sidecar with headlight option

SOA Eagle sidecar decal yellow

This Yellow Eagle Sidecar is OEM and how it left the factory in 1974, logo decal, horn, light, 16'' wheel and Lucas tail light. I  think the tinted windshield is a aftermarket part. 

SOA Eagle sidecar chrome frame OEM

SOA Eagle sidecar swing arm

SOA Eagle sidecar chrome frame and mounts

Standard SOA Eagle Sidecar chrome frame and mounts. Middle picture shows a upgraded version of the swingarm with plate steel.  The other version does not have that as in the above picture.

SOA Eagle sidecar mounts clamp

SOA Eagle sidecar mounts clamp

Eagle Sidecar mount clamp end.


SOA Eagle sidecar with upgraded slip tube mounts

New Eagle sidecar lower slip tube mounts. This is how they upgrade a old sidecar frame with new modern mounts by welding 1 3/4'' pinch tubes on the front and rear of the frame then new modern 1 1/2'' sidecar mounts will slip right in. 

SOA Eagle sidecar upgraded slip tube mounts

SOA Eagle sidecar upgraded low front mount Z-bar

This is a new updated Eagle sidecar lower front mount. It replaces the Z-Bar mount. It was made by Texas Sidecar, but they have stopped selling this part. 

SOA Eagle sidecar with lower slip tube mounts

Eagle Sidecar with new slip tube mounts. 


Eagle sidecar body getting a new paint job. 

SOA Eagle sidecar new paint job

SOA Eagle sidecar new paint job

SOA Eagle sidecar new paint job

 Indent in bottom of Eagle sidecar for the swingarm pivot shaft.

Eagle sidecar swingarm pivot shaft

Eagle sidecar suspension and 16'' wheel.

I have been told that a good replacement wheel for the Eagle Sidecar is the front mag wheel from a Buell Blast motorcycle. The Buell hub has 3/4" bearings so you will need to machine it out to take the Eagle Sidecar 1" bearings but the wheel fits in the wheel well good.

SOA Eagle sidecar swingarm

Eagle sidecar swingarm and axle. Most axles were 1'' but they also had a few 1 1/8''.

SOA Eagle sidecar pivot shaft

Pivot shaft for swingarm on Eagle sidecar frame is also 1".

SOA Eagle sidecar convertible top

Eagle sidecar with custom made convertible top.

OEM Eagle sidecar carpet

Eagle sidecar OEM carpet.

SOA Eagle sidecar tonneau cover

Tonneau cover for Eagle sidecar.

 SOA Eagle sidecar serial number lable

SOA Eagle Sidecar 4 digit serial number label. It is on the floor under the seat or the trunk floor area and is under the top coat of fiberglass. 


New old stock American Spirit body by Spirit of America

This is a SOA America Spirit Sidecar body. It was made from Marlex Plastic and used a wire wheel. It has two bulk heads to support the sides and has the SOA logo molded into the dash. The stylized letters ''SA" surrounded by an oval with a spread eagle on top. It went on to be the California Sidecar Friendship I and made from fiberglass.