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560 Velorex / JAWA Sidecar Set-Up Manual, PDF

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PDF manual on CD. Part I: is a reprint of the original 560 Velorex JAWA Sidecar owners manual to mount the 560 on the JAWA 250 & 350 cc motorcycles.

Part II: How To Set-Up A Velorex / JAWA 560 Sidecar & How To Operate a Motorcycle Sidecar Outfit. It is new modern material with 79 pictures, diagrams and charts. Covers the various types of mounts that Velorex used on the 560 sidecar and many other subjects such as:


Clamp mounts on frame U-Clamps

How to set Wheel Lead

How to set toe-in

How to set Lean Out


Sidecar problems and solutions chart

How to up grade the 560 to use modern mounts

Sidecar brakes

Sidecar steering damper

Raked triple trees

How to drive / operate a motorcycle sidecar outfit

Shock & suspension

Tire & Wheel

Tonneau cover: how to make one

Windshield: where to buy a new one and how to make a new one


Add a car battery to the 560 sidecar

560 part number chart

How to add a air vent to the 560 sidecar

Part supplier list: 560 Sidecar source list of where to buy new 560 parts in Europe.

Sidecar Dolly

This manual is 108 pages long and is a PDF file on CD. You will need a PDF viewer to read it.