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California Sidecar Owners Manual For Pre 1989 Friendship I, II,& Companion Sidecars With Torsion Bar

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California Sidecar Installation Instruction Manual For Pre 1989 Friendship & Companion Sidecars With Torsion Bar Suspension: Reproduction of original California Sidecar Installation Instructions. The diagrams originally had hand written notations that were not clear or legible, that has now been replaced with clear text.
                                   Part II

Mechanical Upgrades for California Sidecar Models:Friendship I & Early FS II, & Companion With Torsion Bar Suspension


28 page and 17 diagrams & pictures and a center spread illustration of frame, mounts, brackets, fasteners and parts.

Light illustration with wiring color code.

How to Up grade the mounts with modern parts and how to tweak your original clamps to work better and safer.

How to rebuild your torsion bar suspension, and where to get a modern torsion bar kit to replace it.

Where to buy a new windshield and how to make your own.

What luggage racks will fit and where to buy them.

Where to get a new seat cover, seat foam, seat shell.

What modern fender will fit a Companion and where to buy it.

Where to get a Tonneau cover made and how to make one yourself.

Tail light lenses, Friendship : what motorcycle lens will work and how to make it fit. What LED light kit to use to replace the original 3 tail lights with. What to replace the Companion tail light with. 

And a index source list of new parts, bearing, bushing, seal, mounts, step, lights, torsion arm kit, etc,etc… and where to buy them.

Some back ground biography on the sidecars and company and a interesting list of their early sidecar product line.