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California Sidecar Set-Up/Owners Manual For 1989 to 2010 Models

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Friendship III, FS II SE, FS II, FS I, Companion Sidecars. General Mounting Instructions For Most Motorcycles. Manual is 48 pages with 24 diagrams & pictures.

Sidecar set-up instructions, measurements for wheel lead, lean out, toe in. Also has Commuter set up measurements.

Wiring section with 3 wiring color codes and two diagrams for the various years and sidecar models. 

Explanation of raked triple trees and steering dampers and where to get them.

How to hook up a sidecar brake line to motorcycle brake. A brake part section on how to change brake pads, how to remove caliper, listing of aftermarket brake pad cross reference chart, caliper rebuild kit part numbers and where to buy them.

Explains the difference between a Goldwing sidecar frame and a standard sidecar frame for the FS III & FS II SE.

Sidecar handling problems and solutions chart.

Swing arm and hub parts diagram.

Lean Control Actuator troubleshooting and switch wiring diagram.

Where to get a new Tonneau cover and Convertible Top made.

What luggage racks will fit and where to buy them.

Where to buy a new windshields, FS I, FS II and FS III.

Tail light lenses, Friendship I & II: what motorcycle lens will work and how to make it fit. What LED light kit to use to replace the original 3 tail lights with.

Where to get new and used FS III taillight old style and new style light. 

A back ground of the FS III with an early factory manufacturing flaw that needs to be adjusted for when it is set-up, and many more topics.

Some back ground biography on the sidecar company.

And a index source list of new parts, bearing, race, bushing, seal, mounts, sub frame, step, lights, brake parts & pads, foot rest, hardware, linear actuator and switch, rotor, hub, caliper, steering damper, shock, step, seat, OEM tire, raked trees, new windshields, air vents etc, etc… and where to buy them.