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California Sidecar Torsion Arm Bearing, Race & Seal Kit

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Bearing, race and grease seal kit for California Sidecars . Race is 1 1/4'' I.D. x 1 1/2 O.D. Needle bearing is 1 1/2 I.D. by 1.875 O.D. and 1 1/4'' long. Fits California Sidecars Friendship I & FS II, Companion, Tag-A-Long, Side Kick, Partner and Commuter sidecar models with needle bearing torsion arm/bar suspension. The older sidecars used a brass bushing and this kit will not fit them. The later sidecar models upgraded to this needle bearing set-up. In 1989 the Friendship and Companion got a coil over shock suspension and most of the smaller scooter sidecars kept their torsion suspension till the sidecar model was discontinued, as the Commuter sidecar still had a needle bearing torsion suspension when the sidecar was discontinued in the spring of 2001. Check to make sure what set-up your outfit has.