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Champion Sidecar Owners Manual

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Champion Sidecar Owners Manual: For Escort, Daytona and Legend Sidecars. Includes mounting instructions for attaching sidecar to motorcycle with measurements for leveling sidecar frame from front to back, toe-in measurements, lean-out and wheel lead settings. How to hook the motorcycle master cylinder to the sidecar brake. Wiring color code for sidecars and what gauge of wire to use. Lean control T.I.L.T. troubleshooting diagnosis check list. T.I.L.T. switch wiring diagram and where to get a new momentary switch and parts, service and replacement for the T.I.L.T. linear screw actuator.

     How to replace the brake pads on the old style two pin brake caliper and the new style one pin brake caliper. Where to get new replacement brake calipers and rebuild kits for old style F04 two pin caliper and the newer F05 one pin calipers. Includes part numbers and aftermarket brake pad cross reference chart. Daytona and Escort wheel bearing numbers and where to get new bearings and seals. Where to get new and better machined hubs and rotors for Daytona and Escort. Where to get parts, service and replacement for Legend wheel. Where to get a new Tonneau cover made and how to make a flat Tonneau cover to use without the windshield on the sidecar. Where to get a new chrome luggage rack to fit the Legend sidecar. Part source suppliers index section:
 Electronic Isolator to run the sidecar lights and accessories.
        Brake parts, pads and proportioning valve, Bearings and Races, Footrest
, Sidecar Mounts, Subframe, Hardware, Rotor & Hub, Floor Air Vent, T.I.L.T. Switch, Sidecar Rear View Mirror, Heater, etc. 

      Very useful manual to have if your mounting a Champion Sidecar. If you already have a Champion Sidecar attached to your motorcycle you will find this manual useful to keep the sidecar mounts in proper adjustment and for the wiring color code and diagram, brake section and aftermarket part source suppliers list.

Manual has 30 pages and 11 Illustrations and 12 Pictures.