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California Sidecar FS I & FS II Torsion Arm Spring Pack Replacement, Used VW.

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Replacement torsion spring pack for California Sidecar Friendship I & FS II. They are used, cut down torsion springs from the front end of a 1960s VW Bug. They are 0.720 wide, 0.145 thick the same as a stock CSC spring. 5 springs come in a pack. This is the only spring available to fix a stock CSC torsion suspension. They ride stiffer than a stock suspension. Some springs will have a small indent from the VW grub screws but you will need to drill two grub screw indents on your replacement spring pack. CSC used a few lengths and these are 8-7/8" long and will not fit their small scooter sidecars as those use shorter springs.