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Hitchhiker Sidecar Owners Manual

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  • 44 page Hitchhiker owners manual. Part I is a reprint of original sidecar installation instructions and tells how to assemble sidecar and shows the measurements and diagrams to set wheel lead, toe-in and lean-out. The diagrams had hand written notations that were not clear and legible, they have been replaced with text.

  • Part II

  • Tells you where to get custom Hitchhiker mounts made.

  • How to make new Hitchhiker mounts.
  • How to upgrade any Hitchhiker frame to use new modern sidecar mounts and tells you where to get them and how to make your own new modern sidecar mounts.

  • Where to get your swingarm reworked to use a new axle, hub and brake.

  • Where to get new wheel bearings and seals for swingarm and hub.

  • What Rubber Torsion Arm Suspension with axle and hub to use to replace the torsion suspension on 1992 and later Hitchhiker frames and where to get one.

  • Windshield: Where to get your Hitchhiker windshield reproduced. And how to make and cut a custom windshield. The right material to use to make one and how to bend it.

  • Seat: how to make one and where to buy one.

  • Wiring diagram for the Hitchhiker E-Z Lean System ( lean control ), and where to get a new switch and actuator ( electric screw jack ).

  • Where to have a new tonneau cover and convertible top made.

  • How to find a sidecar rigger in your area to set up your Hitchhiker Sidecar outfit and make custom mounts.

  • Sidecar Part Source Index: where to find parts, I-bolts, struts, hardware, lights, molding, rear view mirror, trunk lock, air vent, electronic isolator to power sidecar and trailer lights, etc.

  • Short biography of chain of ownership of Hitchhiker Sidecar company from its beginning in Minnesota to its end with its fourth owner in 2001 at a motorcycle repair shop in Crescent Springs, Kentucky.
  • 38 illustrations and pictures.