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How To Build A Motorcycle Sidecar Frame: Basics With Blueprint, Booklet

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  • How to build a motorcycle sidecar frame. 30 page booklet with step by step instructions and detailed measurements and type of metal tubing to use.
  • Building a Swingarm.
  • What kind of Shock to use and where to get it.
  • What Axle, Hub and Wheel to use and where to get it.
  • Use a Rubber Torsion Arm Suspension with axle and hub in place of swingarm and shock and where to get one.
  • How to Build Mounts and/or where to buy them.  
  • Build a Trailer Hitch into your frame.
  • Sidecar Body measurement specification guidelines and types of plywood to use that will bend around a curve for a home made body. Specifications for the proper gauge steel or aluminum to use for body. Illustrations of some sidecar body styles that do not require any panels to be bent and some that plywood can be curved around.
  • Seat: how to make one and where to buy one.
  • Windshield: How to make and cut a custom windshield. The right material to use to make one and how to bend it. Or where to buy a new sidecar windshield with over 30 to chose from.
  • Accessories you may want to build into sidecar body: sidecar dash, lights, heater, vent, auxiliary fuel tank, lean control, 12 volt outlet and 110 volt inverter/outlet, battery isolator to run a motorcycle battery and a car battery on your outfit.  
  • Sidecar Part Source Index: where to find parts.

34 illustrations