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LED Taillight Upgrade Kit California Sidecar Friendship I & FS II

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Upgrade LED taillight kit for California Sidecar Friendship I & FS II. Wiring for the LED lights have special electronics to work on a dual power level which allows the light to work as a running light and a brake light (see picture). Each light is 2 ½” O.D. they are pressed into the rubber grommet which has a grove (see picture) that is pressed into the sidecar body and held in place. Stainless Steel ring is fasten to rubber grommet with screws.

   Light assembly fits in sidecar body hole of approximately 3” you will have to enlarge the stock hole of your sidecar for installation. Light with SS ring in place has a 4” O.D. You may want to trim some of the rubber off the outer edge of the rubber grommet so it will sit more flush on the sidecar body. California Sidecar used 5 different styles of taillights on their Friendship Sidecars, measure the hole in your sidecar body to make sure these lights will fit. Kit comes with 2 red lights for running light and brake light, one amber light for turn signal, 3 stainless steel covers with 6 screws and 3 power plugs. Each light is made of plastic and has 4 LED’s. Bottom picture shows a different style of lights but gives you a good look of the LED taillights.