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Motorcycle Sidecar Luggage Rack

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New beautiful chrome motorcycle sidecar trunk luggage rack. Measures 10 1/2''  by 7 1/2''. It is 3 3/4'' tall at the back and 1 7/8'' in the front. Back mounts are 10 inches center to center. Front mounts are 7-1/2 inches center to center. Front to rear mounts are 7-1/2 inches center to center. Fits Motorvation Spyder Sidecar (see picture) Hitchhiker sidecars trunk lid, California Sidecar Friendship I & FS II (see picture) Champion Escort, Moline Ultra, Harley, Texas, Inder Sidecar (see pictures) and many other sidecars that have a fairly flat surface to mount it to. It has 4 rubber feet to protect sidecar paint and also comes with 4 one inch long screws for fiberglass bodies and 4 short screws for steel bodies.