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Motorcycle Sidecar Wire Quick Connector 4 pin/Pole Kit

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Motorcycle Sidecar Polarized 4 Wire/Pole Quick Connector Kit. Plugs together just one way. Made of strong Plastic With Molded-In Terminals For Durability and long life. Wire connections are easy and fast with just a small screwdriver. Soft and pliable rubber caps cover the wires going into the back of connector. Comes with 2 feet of shrink tube and 8 zip ties to fasten wires to sidecar and motorcycle frame and 2 smaller zip ties to fasten sheathing to wires by connector.

  Works on any sidecar with a four wire system, Running Light/Tail light, Brake light, Turn Signal, and Ground Wire. Makes it easy to unplug sidecar from motorcycle and is a very clean look.

  Installation instructions: Put sheathing over sidecar wires. Put rubber cap over wires. Strip end of wires, put in wire connector and tighten screws. Push rubber boot in place and fasten wires to frame and upper strut.