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Sidecar Dog Restraint Anchor, Tie Down

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New Sidecar Dog Restraint Anchor. Keeps your dog safely restrained in the sidecar. Allows owner to shorten dog leash by wrapping leash in figure 8 around knuckles and then fasten it to mounting hole on top of anchor. This chrome anchor gets mounted just in front of sidecar seat where it will not be in the way of a persons feet. Comes with chrome anchor, chrome base plate, rubber gasket to protect sidecar bottom and threaded mounting plate. Requires drilling a 3/8'' mounting hole in sidecar floor. The chrome is ruff and inside the loops is dull.

Anchor is 3 1/4'' wide

2 1/4'' tall from base of bracket.

13/16'' leash hole size.

Base plate 3 1/2'' long by 2 5/16'' wide.

Stud 3/8'' by 1 3/4'' long.