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Sidecar Wire Quick Connector 6 Pin/Pole & Mounting Bracket

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Sidecar 6 pin/pole wire quick connector. Comes with bracket and 1 3/8'' I.D. U-bolt to mount to motorcycle frame or rear crash bars. Has two sets of mounting holes for U-bolt. Bracket is 4 1/2'' across & 4 1/2'' deep and is powder coated gloss black. Just put wires in connector and tighten screws. Comes with 4 feet of 6 color coded 16 gauge wires to connect to motorcycle side. I have used this same quick connector set up on my Harley & Champion sidecar outfit for 7 years. Some of the mounting holes have the powder coating messed up from hanging on the hook at the powder coat factory, it should not show when the part is installed.