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Spirit of America, Spirit Eagle Sidecar Owners Manual

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28 page Spirit of America: Spirit Eagle Sidecar owners manual. Part I is a reprint of original sidecar installation instructions and tells how to assemble sidecar and shows the measurements and diagrams to set wheel lead, toe-in and lean-out. 

Part II

Tells you where to get custom Eagle mounts made. 

How to upgrade any Eagle frame to use new modern sidecar mounts and tells you where to get them and how to make your own new modern sidecar mounts. 

Where to get your swingarm reworked to use a new axle & wheel. 

Where to get new wheel bearings and seals for swingarm and hub. 

Where to get a long lasting specially made 16'' sidecar tire for the Eagle.

Windshield: Where to get a new Eagle and American Spirit windshield.

Where to get a new OEM taillight.

Seat: where to get a new one.

Wiring color code.

Where to have a new tonneau cover made, and how to make one yourself.

Where to get a subframe for your motorcycle to attach your Eagle sidecar to.

How to find a sidecar rigger in your area to set up your Eagle or American Spirit Sidecar outfit and make custom mounts.

Sidecar Part Source Index: where to find parts, I-bolts, struts, hardware, lights, rear view mirror, air vent, etc.

22 illustrations and pictures.